Planetary Devastation​(​kraken vs Chrono)

from by Social Bomb



Warping through the cosmological horizon of space
He made the mistake of intruding in the kraken's space

Science versus savagery
A brilliant mind versus a beast of the sea
A conflict between two things that should not be
Out of the bloodmist tentacles arise
The kraken emerges and takes to the skies
Kraken in strong but chronomegalodon is wise

Will chrono win or will he die?
Fall victim to the kraken's might!
Will Steven ever save his wife?
Not if the kraken takes his life!

The battle goes on for days,fire and energy rays clashing up in the sky
Singularities form, the sky itself is torn, the planet earth is razed!
The earth's axis shifts, the planet's orbit dips, cosmic forces collide!
The ocean splits apart, astral calamity starts,blood coats the seas!

Tearing apart he boundaries of space and time, Chrono battles but he's running out of time!

Planetary devastation!


from Live By The Slice!, released December 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Social Bomb Port Arthur, Texas

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