Live By The Slice!

by Social Bomb

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released December 20, 2014

Lich King, Insinnerator, Sonic Pulse, Cross examination, Municipal waste, Tropical Storm! Gnar world order, Operation Ivy, D.R.I., Slayer, Deathrazor,Toxic Steel, Israel solis Sr., Linda solis, Cesar Huerta, Clyde Trahan, Kirk Melancon, Steven Toshi Bui, JJ and Randy.



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Social Bomb Port Arthur, Texas

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Track Name: Skykraken
A thousand tentacles,
A thousand years of rage unleashed!
A thousand years of rest disturbed by seafaring rodents

Th beast strikes again!
Dead men in the water, none survived the slaughter!
The beast strikes again!

Pirate ships thrown into the sky, crushed to bits by it's acid bind
A thousand megatons of energy beams out onto the sea
Hundred foot monstrosity, wingspan wider than the seas
Far above the cloud it sees the destruction it's unleashed
Thirsts for blood uncontrollably, sweeping up all life it sees
chomping down their puny spines, It's judgement is divine!
Track Name: Chronomegalodon
Swimming through time suspended in space
A lowly human being morphed out of his race
Appearing in eras never explored
A scientist's dreams are born
Sweeping galaxies aside with his dorsal fin
Organic machine of time. he's quantum tunnelin'
Controlling dimensions. intelligent mind!

Swimming through infinity chronomegalodon
Lifespan longer than time
Swimming through infinity chronomegalodon
Tearing open wormholes like the anus of space!
Track Name: Titanic Eradicator
Giant Invaders Take seizure of the town
Titanic warfare, Wall marias falling
Stomping and chomping down on our skulls by the thousands
our blood stains the streets

blocks out the sun with it's colossal size
Titanic Eradicator!Titanic Eradicator!
Shotgun salvation soldiers beg to die!
Titanic eradicator! Titans Eradicate!

Break down these walls that made you pretend you were safe from
This never ending torment, a nightmare become real
break down these walls that made you pretend you were safe
These walls were once your gods but now your walls will all break down!
Track Name: Live By The Slice
The time has come to devote your life to the box of pizza placed before you
It demands your OBEDIENCE, don't deny you fucking need it!
disgusting taste must be replaced, get those tacos out my face!
Pizza rules, dont be naive ,grab a slice or fucking leave!

Pepperoni runs through our veins!
That's why we're rad and your fucking lame!

Endless feast! nonstop consuming cannot appease!
Pizza rules! so grab a slice, or fucking leave!

Live for pizza, no other will suffice, take it by the box, live by the slice!
Track Name: I Need Beer
Doesn't matter what kind, or if it's your or mine
It's time to hit the sauce, and I am the boss
They'll watch us in awe,inebriated gods!
Remember what I said?
JJ and randy just drunk the whole keg!

It's time to get more so let's find the source
Cause JJ and Randy drink like a horse
To the corner store to settle the score
But JJ and Randy will be back for more!

I need beer!
I need beer now!
Track Name: Extraterrestrial Armada
Four blinding lights pierce through the black of the night
Gone,as swift as they came, nowhere in sight, then I left too
Armies rushed to our defense but they were crushed, we couldn't resist!

crushing our weak technology with far advanced weaponry
evolution ahead of mankind, destroying populations through their mind
Terror as far as the eye can see gamma rays vaporizing me, alien fleets occupying our beautiful night sky
invasion plans taking shape and form, billions of humans forced to conform, twisted perceptions of the horrors taking place

true desolation has begun!

stripped of land and drained of all the water, killing our earth
extraterrestrial armada
Taking our minds and beam into space, abducting our lives we have become ENSLAVED!
Track Name: Weapons of Thrash Destruction

Marching in formation, soldiers of devastation
Fists clenched, they're pissed and they look ready for some action
Finally the thrashers come to take the power back
Crushing every genre in the wake of their attack
Brutal revenge they have all sworn
So thrash or be thrashed, you have all been warned!

Sitting in the stands, they're all ready to rage
thousands of angry thrashers are stampeding the stage
Ripping up the venue,tearing down the lights
Finding all the phonies and initiating fights
Breaking down the walls,banging all their heads
They're tearing down the curtains and they're ripping them to shreds
Thrash fans unite under a new flag, To which they pledge allegiance as the weapons of thrash!

They dont need guns
they dont need knives
do need no shivs
they dont need pipes
Atomic elbows
toxic walts
no uniforms
for this assault!

Weapons of thrash destruction
Track Name: Planetary Devastation(kraken vs Chrono)
Warping through the cosmological horizon of space
He made the mistake of intruding in the kraken's space

Science versus savagery
A brilliant mind versus a beast of the sea
A conflict between two things that should not be
Out of the bloodmist tentacles arise
The kraken emerges and takes to the skies
Kraken in strong but chronomegalodon is wise

Will chrono win or will he die?
Fall victim to the kraken's might!
Will Steven ever save his wife?
Not if the kraken takes his life!

The battle goes on for days,fire and energy rays clashing up in the sky
Singularities form, the sky itself is torn, the planet earth is razed!
The earth's axis shifts, the planet's orbit dips, cosmic forces collide!
The ocean splits apart, astral calamity starts,blood coats the seas!

Tearing apart he boundaries of space and time, Chrono battles but he's running out of time!

Planetary devastation!
Track Name: Sage of Six Slices
A broken man's resolve
His father's death to avenge
An accidental discovery of the secret power of pizza ninjas
Ten years of searching far
Revealed the power within
He was the chosen master of the pizza style, the legendary six slice sanin!

Blown back six slash attack!
No one will leave intact!
Hellish beast of the water explodes With rage and fury!

Live by the slice, and die by the blade
the blade of the sage!

Sage of six slices, belligerent son.
Warping back to splash and thrash in the sea,
Slay the kraken with pizza powered cuttlery!
Track Name: Chrono Reborn
Warp through time!
Break through space!
Infinite adventure across a nebulous expanse
Journey calls, purpose awaits!
He's on a Journey through the future and the past!
Reanimated and ready to go,
The universe quakes at the roar of chrono
Slightly zombified but feeling just fine
He's unraveling the fabric of space time
Places he'll go you cannot imagine
He's only discovered just a mere fraction
Of the existence that we exist in
Out of his way he's a shark on a mission!

Swimming through time and suspended in space
Once a mere human morphed out of his race
Steven Clark was reborn as a shark
Then reborn again a new journey embarks
Killed by the kraken and back from the dead
That's when his mortal coil was shed
Immortal being of incomprehension
Out of his way hes a shark on a mission!